Meet the Swerve Editors

Monique Patterson

Monique Patterson Monique Patterson is the Editorial Director, Romance and Executive Editor, St. Martin’s Press and her dirty little secret is that she was not allowed to read romance when she was a kid. Well, not adult romance…And this is neither dirty nor a secret to anyone who has heard Monique tell this story. However, it was Sweet Valley High and teen romances that became Monique’s gateway drug and soon she was sneaking away in order to get her fix with adult romances (scandalous!). Therefore, it should not be a surprise that she stepped into her dream job as a romance editor at Avon Books right out of college. Working with authors like Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lora Leigh, MaryJanice Davidson, Suzanne Enoch, Amelia Grey, Christine Warren, Kerrigan Byrne, Sarah Castille—just to name a few—makes her think “No one should have this much fun doing their job.” She is always on the lookout for the next breakout voice. You can follow her on Twitter @MoniPatt1.

Holly Ingraham

Holly Ingraham Holly Ingraham, Editor at St. Martin’s Press, fell irrevocably in love the moment she held her first book. Thinking that getting a job in publishing was akin to working for NASA, she never thought of it as a tangible career path, instead planning on flexing her muscles in PR. That is, until she was told by her college adviser that she would be absolutely terrible at it, and to reassess her life goals. An internship at Bookends Literary her senior year changed her world and gushing about her unequivocal love for Nora Roberts introduced her to “her people.” Loving the editorial side of publishing, she began as an editorial assistant at St. Martin’s Press under Monique Patterson in 2008. Now as an Editor she has the pleasure of working with bestselling and award-winning authors whose books light up her life. She is constantly on the lookout for bright new voices, vibrant, jump-off-the-page characters, smart, funny heroines, and of course, stories that make her cry. You can follow her on Twitter @holly_ingraham.

Eileen Rothschild

Eileen Rothschild SMP Swerve Manager/Editor, Eileen Rothschild was once shamed in front of her high school class for putting a romance novel in between her textbook. When her teacher grabbed the book and told her (with disdain) that reading romance would not pay her bills or further her education she smiled and thought…challenge accepted. In almost 10 years working in the publishing industry she has held a variety of jobs but editorial is where her true passion lies. She absolutely loves discovering new voices and is a sucker for an amazing meet-cute. She never did get her book back from that awful teacher, but is super delighted that she has found a career in reading romance. You can follow her on Twitter @E_Roths.

Alexandra Sehulster

Alexandra Sehulster Alexandra Sehulster knew books would always be the biggest part of her life since she made her wonderfully indulgent parents check out endless books from her makeshift “library” she kept as a toddler in the living room. Captivated by rich love stories, thrilling atmospheres and heart-pounding moments, Alex’s pursuit of reading for life led her to St. Martin’s Press, where she spends her days happily working and reading among the books she’s always loved as an Editorial Assistant. A fan of thrills, chills, and deeply emotional reads, Alex likes strong, intense love stories and anything with elements of suspense, especially if it involves a creepy stalker with a murderous plan. Mwhahaha.

Anne Marie Tallberg

Anne Marie Tallberg Anne Marie Tallberg, Publishing Director, absolutely loved her first job working in a local bookstore. The romance readers were passionate and inspired her to branch out from her science fiction and fantasy addiction to read their favorite romances. A few years later Anne Marie found herself buying romance for a national book chain and spreading the love from sea to shining sea. It’s been a career-long love affair with romance novels now and Anne Marie still believes that the best part of being in the book business is helping readers discover amazing stories.