What is SMP Swerve?

SMP Swerve is the digital first romance imprint at St. Martin’s Press. St. Martin’s Press has been publishing quality e-originals since 2011. We look at e-originals as a unique format with a dedicated audience of passionate readers—just like us! We are always on the lookout for fresh voices and hard working authors. Our bestselling e-original authors include New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Kylie Scott, Sara Fawkes and Donna Grant.

What word count are you looking for?
Novellas 25k-40k, full length works 50k-100k. We’re pretty flexible as long as the story is compelling and complete.
What genres are you looking for?
SMP Swerve is accepting submissions from all romance sub genres. At this time, we are focusing on heart of the market contemporary, including erotica and erotic romance, and paranormal stories with high heat, but our editors are always on the lookout for a good story that make us swoon and sigh, regardless of the genre and heat level.
Do I need an agent to submit to SMP Swerve?
SMP Swerve accepts agented and unagented submissions.
Why should I publish with SMP Swerve?
We are a driven, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team comprised of editors, designers, marketers, publicists and sales--and most importantly, we’re romance readers too! We work hard to stay on top of the market and trends, and our number one priority is our authors--and helping them build their careers. At St. Martin’s we have a strong tradition of publishing quality, compelling books, and SMP Swerve is taking that tradition into the digital world and to the passionate romance readers there. We are constantly building on our expertise to make sure you are working with the best in the business. We love romance, romance authors and the romance community.
Will my book have a marketing plan and publicity outreach?
Absolutely! You will have a team comprised of publishing professionals that will work with you to create the best plan for your book. You are not alone! This is a collaborative effort. We also work very closely with Heroesandheartbreakers.com, the premier destination for romance fans, where our marketing team will work to have your book featured in some capacity.
I’m a brand new author, never before published. Is SMP Swerve looking for an author like me?
Most definitely! We are always looking for fresh talent. Our ideal author is someone who wants to work with our experienced and passionate editors to bring compelling and page turning stories to readers. Published, debut…all are welcome to submit!
What kind of royalties will I make on my work?
Authors will be offered the option of receiving an advance and royalties or higher royalty rates with no advance. Royalties will be based on net publisher receipts and will be paid quarterly.
Where can I find my book?
SMP Swerve titles will be available at all major e-tailers. Our books are compatible with all reading devices.
Will my book be in print?
SMP Swerve is a digital imprint only at this time.
How to I submit to SMP Swerve?
Glad you asked! You may submit through the SMP Swerve submission portal. Click here.